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A Tropical Getaway...

In your backyard!

Since 1998 PalapaGuy...


has been dedicated in creating custom quality Palapas for residential, restaurant, and business use. We use the highest quality materials and guarantee all of our work. And of course all of our Palapas are made with quality workmanship in mind.

Be sure to browse our Gallery of Palapas to see ideas of any custom projects you might have in mind. We will make any backyard, frontyard, patio, garden, theme park, restaurant,  bedroom, bathroom even your doghouse look Beautiful! PalapaGuy truly delivers...

The Palapa at its Best!

Call for a free Estimate!! (951) 600-3949

So What's a Palapa?


Answer: A palapa is a thatched-roof, open-sided structure (see above). The material to cover the roof of a palapa typically consists of dried and woven palm-tree leaves. A palapa is sometimes referred to as a grass or tiki hut.


The most common place to see a palapa is in the tropics, where a palapa provides shade and refuge from the hot sun. Palapas are constructed in a variety of sizes. Some resorts set up a bar or serve meals under a larger palapa; others devote the shaded area beneath the palapa to massage services.

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